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By WACSOF-FOSCOA 17 June, 2020 66

Abuja, Nigeria. June 02, 2020

  1. The West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF), noticed with great dismay and condemn the death of George Floyd, a US citizen. WACSOF extends deep condolence to the family of George Floyd and other victims of racism around the world.
  1. WACSOF strongly condemns similar racist trends in many countries around the world.
  1. WACSOF calls on relevant authorities:
  2. For justice for George Floyd and all victims of racism.
  3. Protect the rights and dignity of all citizens, irrespective of race.
  4. To ensure concrete actions are implemented to end racism in the US and in the world.
  5. To invoke the historic resolution on the Elimination of All Racial Discrimination as adopted by heads of state and Government of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), as far back as 1964.
  1. WACSOF also calls on African countries to protect their citizens from abuse that stems from police brutality and ensure all citizens have a sense of inclusiveness and their rights upheld.

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