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The sixth (6th) Edition of WACSOF People’s Forum earlier scheduled to hold on the 28th – 29th July, 2016 has been rescheduled to hold on the 15th – 16th August 2016, in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Peoples’ Forum is the supreme organ of WACSOF which is composed of all representatives of CSOs registered with WACSOF. The Forum meets annually to review the activities of the Regional Secretariat, induct new members, appoint new leadership, review the activities of ECOWAS Member States, and make recommendations to the annual ECOWAS Heads of State meetings.

This year, the 6th edition of the People’s Forum aims at giving WACSOF a new impetus by strengthening and renewing its organs; the National Platforms, the working/thematic groups and the Executive Committee in particular.

The Forum will also serve as an opportunity for WACSOF and ECOWAS to carry out a critical analysis about the efficiency of their collaboration. It will provide the opportunity to review the work of WACSOF since its establishment in 2003 with regard to the process for the implementation of the vision of an ECOWAS of the people.

The main objective of the 6th Edition of the People’s Forum is to renew and reinforce in an effective way the various institutions of WACSOF and to restore a dynamic working and consultation framework which would make it possible for the platform to play its coordinating role and bearer of the voice of civil Society Organisations in the region.

Its specific objective is to make an in-depth analysis on the situation in the region – the economic, social, environmental and security – and proffer practical recommendations. It also aims at integrating regional organisations in WACSOF operating mechanism and actions.

It will be recalled that the just concluded meeting on regional consultation, dialogue strengthening of the regional networks in West Africa, held in Lome from 28th to 29th June 2016, emphasized the need for all Regional CSOs to become properly registered members of WACSOF. Following this, it is therefore very important for all regional CSOs to become members of WACSOF by adequately filling up the membership form.

Also the criterion to attend the People's Forum as well as participate in the election process of WACSOF at the People's Forum is to become a member of WACSOF.

Click here to download the form, fill and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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