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6 June 2016

WACSOF Collaborates with ECOWAS Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Research Commission.

WACSOF has paid a courtesy visit to the new Commissioner, for Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Research, ECOWAS, Mr. Mamadou Traore, to officially welcome him and seek for possible ways of collaboration in order to ensure that WACSOF fulfills its mandate of playing a complimentary role in implementing the ECOWAS strategic plan.

WACSOF team visited the Commissioner at his office in Abuja, on Monday 6th June, 2016.

Congratulating the Commissioner on his new milestone, the Acting General Secretary gave a quick synopsis of WACSOF. He hoped that the meeting would help to strengthen the relationship as well as enable WACSOF to carry out its complimentary role to the ECOWAS Commission.

Welcoming the WACSOF team, Mr. Mamadou Traore said he was impressed about the activities of WACSOF. He requested for some of WACSOF documents to further intimate himself with the organization.

He emphasized that the role of civil society is very important in the development of the region, especially as it concerns the realization of the ECOWAS Vision 2020 with a focus on an ECOWAS of the People. He spoke about some of the activities being carried out by the department especially the Community Development Program, the Common External Tariff and the ECOWAS Common Currency. He said it is the role of civil society to ensure that these activities get to the grass root.

He stressed the role of civil society to help ward off resistance from the West African citizens while carrying out the activities of the Macroeconomics department which is deeply embedded in all the Community activities. He added that during the last Heads of States and Government Summit on 4th June 2016, a Donor conference was approved. On this, the Commissioner reiterated the need to collaborate with WACSOF to carry out the activities.

Mr Zono who works on the CDP stated that WACSOF could play a very big role in the Donor’s Conference through advocacy, lobbying and sensitization of all stakeholders on Community Development. He therefore asked WACSOF to work on an Action Plan to facilitate this process.

At the end of the meeting WACSOF presented some of its publications to the Commissioner and a group photo was taken to seal the event.


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